Draganfly Innovations Launch Ultra Portable UAV

By Caroline Rees / 28 May 2013
Draganflyer X4-ES
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Draganflyer X4-ES

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) able to carry high quality cameras have, until today, required prohibitively large transport cases. This has been changed by the release of Draganfly Innovations’ new Draganflyer X4-ES Ultra Portable Quadrotor UAV.

Featuring new quick release patent pending tool-less removable rotors, new folding landing gear, and a new sleek molded carbon fiber, light weight, two axis stabilized camera mount. The new features add to the existing folding frame, resulting in a folded size, which is only a fraction of the unfolded width.

The Draganflyer X4-ES Ultra Portable sets a new standard for compactness. It is quick to deploy, requiring no tools. This enables true grab-and-go functionality. The quick release rotors simply twist and release. Rotors are keyed to ensure installation is always correct. The quick release landing gear legs simply tug partially out of a retention slot and pivot to lie in place under the arms. The stabilized two axis camera mount is removable from the center of the Draganflyer X4-ES Ultra Portable and can be swapped for other dedicated mount/camera combinations. When in use, the stabilized camera mount actively keeps the camera level even as the UAV tilts and moves.

New programming in the handheld GCS (Ground Control Station) adds new functions including return to home, stare point, vision based points of interest, and navigation points of interest. Return to home allows the operator to simply press a button, causing the UAV to rise to a clear altitude, travel back to where it took off from, and auto-descend to ten meters (thirty feet). Stare point functionality keeps the camera pointed at a location of the operators choosing. Vision based points of interest allow locations to be specified on-screen without the need for access to map data, and navigation points of interest allow saving any location for future automatic return.

Draganflyer X4-ES Monitoring Wildlife

The Draganflyer line of multirotor UAV helicopters are legal for use by emergency services in North America, approved by Transport Canada and the FAA, and have the largest public safety installed base in North America.

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