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MicroStrain Introduces Wireless Thermocouple and OEM Analog Sensor Nodes to LXRS Sensor Family

Published: 24 Sep 2012 by

MicroStrain’s LXRS wireless sensor network combines a groundbreaking lossless data wireless communication protocol with ultra-stable precision time sync and network scalability.

As a result, MicroStrain sensing solutions provide the reliability of hardwired systems with wireless simplicity and cost savings.

LXRS supports a broad range of measurement capabilities including acceleration, displacement, environmental, and most analog sensor inputs.

Now, the LXRS “Lossless” protocol is supported on even more MicroStrain wireless sensors.

New LXRS sensing solutions include TC-Link wireless thermocouple nodes as well as SG-Link-OEM wireless analog sensor nodes.

LXRS enables MicroStrain wireless sensors to provide 100% packet success rate under most operating conditions while maintaining extended range radio link to 2 kilometers, supporting continuous, burst, and hybrid sampling modes, and maintaining time synchronization within +/- 32 microseconds.

In addition to more reliable data throughput, MicroStrain’s wireless thermocouple and OEM nodes provide interoperability with other LXRS wireless acceleration (G-Link), displacement (DVRT-Link), environmental monitoring (ENV-Link), and multi-channel analog (V-Link and SG-Link) sensor nodes. Users benefit from greater wireless sensor network configuration options that easily adjust and scale their unique applications.

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