Kairos Autonomi Launches Cost-effective Tele-Op Only Kit for Unmanned Moving Ground Target Training

By Caroline Rees / 24 Sep 2012
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Kairos Autonomi, Inc., a world leader in robotic appliqué kits, has introduced a tele-op only kit that enables an existing vehicle to operate as an unmanned moving ground target.

The tele-op only kit, which will be shown at the NDIA Targets conference and exhibition on Oct. 2-4, 2012, in Orlando, Florida, is engineered to meet specific market demands for a cost-effective, tele-op only kit that can be used in a destructive test or training requirement.

“Destructive test and training needs a low-cost tele-op option for on-demand and dynamic movements,” said Chandler Griffin, Director of Targets Programs of Kairos Autonomi. “This kit was created to meet those demands for destructive training and weapons testing.”

Because the kit fills a specific market niche, it includes an upgrade path to become a smarter robot as required by operational requirements. These upgrades include GPS path following, vehicle deconfliction and supervised autonomy capabilities.

The tele-op only kit allows for vehicle operation at speeds in excess of 90 mph, giving the operator the maneuverability to adjust the vehicle’s route and speed with minimal time and effort. This decreases the potential for trainees to forecast upcoming preprogrammed scenarios during training exercises.

The tele-op only kit comes pre-loaded with software and a built-in CPU, controlling the steering, transmission, brake and throttle actuation through a radio data link. The kit can include additional features such as alternative radio frequencies and video capability.

The kit offers the following advantages:

• Cost-effective
• On demand movements from exercise director
• Minimize time delay between targets
• Avoid obstacles (bomb craters, destroyed targets, etc)
• Realistic target moving simulation
• More time in the air during weapons testing not having to wait for target transition
• Utilization of existing and otherwise unserviceable Defense Reutilization Marketing Office (DRMO) assets
• Ability to relay target results back to Tactical Operations Center (TOC) for immediate scoring

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