Jenoptik Launches Laser Rangefinder with Thermal Imager for Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition

By Caroline Rees / 10 Jun 2012
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Jenoptik NYXUS BIRD Laser Rangefinder with Thermal Imager

Jenoptik has announced the launch of NYXUS BIRD, the first multifunctional thermal imager combining day/night vision with target localization capability in an extremely handy device weighing less than 1.5 kilograms. Enhancing the dismounted soldier’s reconnaissance abilities while optimizing his mobility, NYXUS BIRD satisfies the demanding requirements of infantry and special forces for powerful and lightweight portable optronic equipment.

NYXUS BIRD combines a high resolution thermal imager and high quality glass optics with a laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass and GPS within an easily portable device suitable for single-handed operation. In this sense NYXUS BIRD resembles the remarkable abilities of various bird species with regards to precise and fast target detection, target ranging, orientation and lightness: NYXUS BIRD – genius like nature.

Brilliant Day and Night Vision
Derived from Jenoptik’s latest thermography technology, NYXUS BIRD’s high resolution thermal imager provides clear night vision in absolute darkness, vision through fog or smoke and detection of camouflaged targets – also under daylight conditions and at large distances. The uncooled infrared detector ensures noiseless operation, a short startup time and long autonomous battery operating time.

Multiple coated monocular glass optics (direct view optics) with seven-fold magnification offer high resolution day vision and can perfectly be combined with standard helmet mounted image intensifiers or night vision goggles.

Precise Target Measurement & Localization
NYXUS BIRD features an eyesafe Jenoptik laser rangefinder operating at 1,550 nanometers which prevents detection by night vision devices based on image intensifiers. Along with its digital magnetic compass (DMC) and GPS module it warrants exact target localization even at large distances.

Optimal Portability
Weighing less than 1.5 kilograms the compact NYXUS BIRD is easily portable and suited for comfortable one-handed operation, offering maximum mobility for the dismounted soldier.

Applications and References
NYXUS BIRD is primarily designated for usage by infantry and special forces, including national future soldier programs. Especially, it is already pre-selected for the German “Infantryman of the Future – Enhanced System” (IdZ-ES) where it will be incorporated as reconnaissance equipment.

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