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CARIS Mira AI and the Sonar Noise Classifier

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  • Hosted by Teledyne Caris
  • April 29, 2020 - Available on Demand
  • CARIS Mira AI and the Sonar Noise Classifier

    Learn about the CARIS Mira AI platform and how the new Sonar Noise Classifier can bring efficiencies to your sonar data processing pipeline.

    The Teledyne CARIS team is committed to leveraging the latest technology for our customers with the creation of the CARIS Mira AI platform. CARIS Mira AI is a new cloud-based platform to host our current and future AI solutions. Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering a robust, scalable cloud platform means no additional desktop hardware is required to move users into the future of processing.

    We invite you to bring the noise with the first CARIS Mira AI offering, the Sonar Noise Classifier!

    CARIS seeks to significantly reduce the need for manual cleaning and move your data swiftly from acquisition to review. The Sonar Noise Classifier automatically identifies the vast majority of sonar noise, resulting in a reduction of manual cleaning effort by a factor of up to 10x at an accuracy of 95%.

    AI technologies and cloud services are the new force multiplier to reduce Ping-to-Chart times. Let CARIS future-proof your processing pipeline.

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