Survey-Grade Drone LiDAR Sensors & AI-Based Data Processing Software
CL-360 Compact LiDAR Scanner Drone LiDAR sensor with 360° Field of View
CL-360 Compact LiDAR Scanner

Drone LiDAR sensor with 360° Field of View

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CL-360 Compact LiDAR Scanner

The CL-360 is a survey-grade OEM LiDAR sensor providing a 360-degree field of view for versatile UAV mapping and surveying applications, with accuracy of less than 10 mm and data precision of less than 5 mm. With an extremely narrow beam divergence allowing for capture of fine details, it features excellent long-range performance for maximum productivity in airborne applications.

The CL-360 is a highly configurable solution, allowing fine-tuning of pulse repetition rate, range, and lines per second for optimization for almost any application and data requirements.

With an industry-leading maximum scan rate of 250 lines per second, high point densities can be collected even at high UAV flight speeds.

The sensor features Ethernet and RS232 serial interfaces as well as 240 GB of built-in SSD storage. Post-processing software and real-time control and processing libraries are available for developer and system integrator convenience.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 310 x 160 x 116 mm
Weight 3.5 kg
Range Performance 775 m (50 kHz) to 300 m (500 kHz)
Pulse Repetition Frequency 500, 200, 50 kHz (Programmable)
Beam Divergence 0.3 mrad
Wavelength 1550 nm
Range Accuracy (1 sigma) 10 mm
Single-Shot Precision 5 mm
Scan Angle (FOV) 360°
Lines Per Second 50-250 lines/sec (25-125 Hz)