Permanent Magnet DC Motors, Drone Launchers and UAV Launching Systems

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CIRCOR Aerospace & Defense is a global provider of specialty fluid and motion control solutions for demanding aerospace and defense applications. Our range of permanent magnet dc motors are ideal for both fixed-wing and rotary unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones, as well as other robotic platforms, and are highly suited to a wide range of commercial and military markets.

Permanent Magnet DC Motors

Permanent Magnet Fractional DC Motors

Industrial-Grade Fractional HP DC Motors

DC Permanent Magnet Motors for Drones, UAVs and Robotics

Our industrial-grade fractional HP motors are designed to provide reliable and efficient performance for a wide variety of commercial and industrial drone and robotics applications.

We can make special modifications to the standard design, altering aspects such as RFI/EMI filters, pinions, mounting flanges and brakes to suit your precise requirements. Custom speeds and voltage ranges are available upon request.

Model Diameter Horsepower Rating Standard Voltage Options Standard Speed Options
125A100 1 1/4″ 0.010 3V, 6V, 12V, 27V, 50V 6000-16400 RPM
125A105 1 1/2″ 0.015 6V, 12V, 27V, 50V, 75V 5800-17100 RPM
210A101 2 1/4″ 0.083 12V, 27V, 50V, 115V, 180V 3810-7240 RPM
210A106 2 1/4″ 0.120 12V, 27V, 50V, 115V, 180V 2840-7700 RPM
275A102 2 3/4″ 0.200 12V, 27V, 50V, 115V, 180V 2640-5480 RPM
275A107 2 3/4″ 0.333 12V, 27V, 50V, 115V, 180V 2070-5290 RPM

Military-Grade Fractional HP DC Motors

Rugged Mil Spec DC Motors for Military Applications

Designed to meet the needs of demanding military UAV and robotics applications, our military-grade fractional HP motors feature excellent power-to-weight ratios as well as high reliability and efficiency.  Many models have been engineered to meet relevant portions of the MIL-M-8608 and MIL-E-5272 standards, including environmental ruggedness and explosion-proofing.

These mil spec DC motors can be customised with flexible design options for flanges, pinions, filters, brakes and more. Custom speeds and voltage ranges are available upon request.

170A100 Military-Grade Fractional HP DC Motor