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New Compact EO/IR Drone Payload with AI-Assisted Detection

Gremsy's new Vio series features a 4K zoom sensor, a 640x512 radiometric thermal camera, and an integrated laser rangefinder with a range of up to 2400m By Mike Ball / 22 Nov 2023
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Gremsy Vio EOIR payloadGremsy has introduced the Vio series of lightweight plug-and-play EO/IR payloads, compatible with multiple drone platforms and featuring a 4K zoom sensor, a 640×512 radiometric thermal camera, and an integrated laser rangefinder with a range of up to 2400m. Designed for professional applications such as industrial inspection and search and rescue, the Vio Series is available in two variants with different thermal cores.

With a high-resolution 4K 8.51 MP zoom camera and up to 240X zoom capability, Vio enables users to capture intricate details from considerable distances. Advanced 640×512 radiometric thermal sensors with excellent sensitivity of <=50 mK deliver precise temperature detection, making Vio indispensable for inspection, disaster relief, firefighting, and more.

Vio also features a highly precise (0.1–0.5 m) laser rangefinder, recommended for optimal object detection at 1200m at 10 Hz but capable of reaching up to 2400m at 1 Hz. Combined with the aircraft’s GPS, it can be used to detect the exact position of targets, enhancing decision-making for rescue missions.

Vio can easily auto-track and auto-center any selected object, ensuring it remains perfectly framed even while zooming or adjusting the gimbal position. This feature is available for both the EO and IR cameras, allowing users to conveniently control gimbal movement with a simple touch on the remote screen.

The versatile payload introduces an AI detection feature capable of identifying objects such as cars and humans. For users who wish to further expand the range of detectable objects, Gremsy can provide additional software updates and options upon request. Additionally, AI Auto-Zoom allows you to automatically zoom in on the selected object for the best view, adjusting the zoom level as the object moves closer or farther away.

Gremsy has also introduced a new Payload Assistant app, an overlay software that facilitates user operation of Vio with ease, providing access to functions such as zooming in, selecting tracked objects by touching the remote screen, altering gimbal modes, taking images, viewing videos, and more. Users can switch between a range of intuitive viewing modes (EO, IR, EO/IR, IR/EO).

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