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Partnership to Launch Hydrogen-Electric Cargo UAS

At the 2023 Paris Air Show, EOS Technologie and H3 Dynamics are showcasing two hydrogen-electric unmanned aircraft system (UAS) capable of transporting 30 to 100kg of goods over extended flights and significant distances By Joe Macey / 20 Jun 2023
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H3 Dynamics has partnered with EOS Technologie, a French manufacturer of electric fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), to introduce two new hydrogen-electric cargo UAS platforms.

The partnership between EOS and H3 brings green innovation into the aerial cargo landscape. By combining expertise, innovative technologies, and commitment to sustainability, the companies aim to set new industry standards and propel the aviation sector towards a more environmentally conscious future.

At the 2023 Paris Air Show, EOS and H3 are showcasing two hydrogen-electric cargo UAS capable of transporting 30 to 100kg of goods over extended flights and significant distances. This is made possible by fusing H3 Dynamics lightweight hydrogen-electric systems with custom-fit aerodynamic designs.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey of sustainable aerial mobility with H3 Dynamics,” said Jean-Marc Zuliani, EOS Managing Director. “This partnership allows us to leverage our combined strengths, pushing the boundaries of innovation in hydrogen-powered ‘zero-emission’ cargo drones. Together, we unlock unprecedented possibilities for efficient and eco-friendly cargo transportation.”

Bertrand Gauthier, H3 Dynamics Global Head of Hydrogen Aviation Products, added: “This collaboration demonstrates EOS Technologie and H3 Dynamics’ commitment to driving French innovation in sustainable aerial mobility. By delivering cutting-edge solutions for the current and future demands of aerial logistics, they actively contribute to a holistic transition towards a more environmentally friendly future.”

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