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TEKEVER Integrates Digital Services with ASTRIIS Platform

The project has devised strategies to develop a catalogue of products and services derived from data acquisition via in-situ observation, remote sensing, numerical modeling, and predictive analytics By Abi Wylie / 29 Jan 2024
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TEKEVER has showcased the seamless integration of its digital services with the ASTRIIS platform, alongside advancements in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

The demonstration, held at the Museu das Comunicações in Lisbon, marks a significant milestone in the national collaborative project ASTRIIS (Atlantic Sustainability Through Remote and In-situ Integrated Solutions).

The ASTRIIS project, aimed at enhancing monitoring capabilities of the Atlantic Ocean, aspires to harness information products and services in sectors of the Marine Economy with high developmental potential. 

Through a concerted effort, the project has devised strategies to develop a comprehensive catalogue of products and services derived from data acquisition via in-situ observation, remote sensing, numerical modeling, and predictive analytics.

TEKEVER, in collaboration with esteemed partners such as CEIIA, Instituto Superior Técnico, and COLAB Atlantic, among others, has developed digital solutions facilitating seamless integration with the ASTRIIS platform. Notably, the demonstration featured a Search and Rescue exercise at sea, employing the AR5 aerial system, supported by auxiliary vessels. 

The operation, orchestrated from the TEKEVER Ground Control System, exemplified real-time planning, management, and operation of drones and payloads, with stakeholders participating remotely via the ASTRIIS platform. Remarkably, a Man Overboard scenario was resolved within a mere 30 minutes from the commencement of the operation.

TEKEVER’s commitment to innovation in maritime surveillance was underscored, emphasizing its role as a global leader in real-time maritime perception. 

Leveraging over a decade of expertise in autonomous system development, TEKEVER offers surveillance solutions tailored to meet evolving customer needs. These solutions encompass a comprehensive range of services, facilitating real-time operations and historical data processing.

The successful demonstration not only underscores the technological advancements achieved through collaboration but also aims to herald a new era of enhanced maritime surveillance and response capabilities.

Aleksandra Nadziejko, deputy project coordinator of ASTRIIS, emphasized the critical role of UAS integration in combatting illegal fishing, trafficking, pollution, and search and rescue missions. She highlighted drones as pivotal tools complementing satellite services and in-situ methods for ocean and coast monitoring. Nadziejko underscored the project’s focus on enhancing interoperability and developing multi-sensor approaches to detect pollution and support various applications.

Antonio Relvas, Director of Innovation at TEKEVER UAS, lauded the collaborative efforts driving the ASTRIIS project forward. He expressed optimism regarding the project’s potential to inspire similar collaborative endeavors across Europe. Relvas acknowledged the contributions of partners such as CEIIA and Instituto Superior Técnico in bolstering accessibility to resources vital for monitoring the Atlantic.

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