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How to Improve Drone Performance with WindShape Technology

Webinar Details
  • Hosted by Tyto Robotics
  • October 5, 2022 , 15:00 (UTC)
  • How to Improve Drone Performance with WindShape Technology

    In this webinar we will present the Windshaper technology, a solution to several important problems in the modern drone validation process.

    Any professional working in drone manufacturing, validation or fluid dynamics research will want to attend this webinar to learn how this technology can be used to improve aircraft design, performance and handling.

    The technology has already been adopted by prestigious institutions such as Caltech.

    The Windshaper is a next generation wind technology composed of multiple fans, called “wind pixels” that can be controlled independently to recreate all types of real wind and weather conditions in a reliable and repeatable way. The test environments allow the aircraft to be free flight tested indoors, for development, validation, and compliance.

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