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Tyto Robotics Flight Stand 15/50 Thrust Stand User Manual Video

By Tyto Robotics / 26 Jan 2023
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In this video, Lauren from Tyto Robotics demonstrates how to build the Flight Stand 15/50 drone test stand. The Flight Stand 15/50 measures thrust, torque, RPM, current, voltage, and efficiency. It has a sampling rate of 1,000 Hz and is calibrated with ASTM protocols for extremely high accuracy.

This video covers:
- What's in the box
- Explains the function of each of the components (electrical measurement unit, force measurement unit, sync hub, etc.)
- Build the stand hardware
- Secure the stand
- Attach the motor to the motor mount
- Connect electrical components
- Connect the ESC, motor, propeller, and power supply
- Connect to the software on your computer

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