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Modeling Glacial Lake Outburst Floods with Apache 3 USV

Feature Article by CHC Navigation


CHC Navigation has released a case study detailing how its Apache 3 Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), equipped with a single-beam echo sounder, was used to conduct a bathymetric survey in Tajikistan.

Read the full case study on CHC Navigation’s website>

The case study covers how Apache 3:

  • Was used to estimate lake water volume and assess the impact of glacial lake outburst floods
  • Helped surveyors map Tajikistan’s lakes’ digital underwater topography
  • Provided valuable data for GIS analysis and flood modeling

The APACHE3 USV combines a dual GNSS positioning and heading sensor, a stable and reliable hull attitude and an IMU sensor, allowing uninterrupted survey. To find out more, read the full case study on CHC Navigation’s website.

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