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D270 Echosounder Versatile single-beam echosounder for bathymetric survey
D270 Echosounder

Versatile single-beam echosounder for bathymetric survey

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D270 Echosounder

The D270 is a portable single-beam echosounder that can be easily integrated into USVs for a wide variety of high-accuracy bathymetric survey applications such as cross-sectional river surveys and reservoir capacity assessments. It features a built-in water temperature sensor that enables real-time sound velocity correction for enhanced depth measurement accuracy.

The Linux-based unit features intuitive web-based configuration and chart plotting, with 8GB of internal storage for extensive bathymetric survey data. The OLED display provides a comprehensive overview of a range of critical information, including voltage status, water depth, and GNSS satellite tracking, as well as more in-depth views of water temperature, sound velocity, and draft.

The D270 offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and supports optional wireless connection to a GNSS RTK receiver.

Frequency 200 kHz
Beam Width 6.5°±1° (200 kHz)
Depth Range 0.15 m to 200 m
Resolution 0.01 m
Accuracy ± 0.01 m + 0.1% x D (D = water depth)
Maximum sample rate 30 Hz
Sound velocity adjustment range 1300 m/s to 1700 m/s
Electrical Maximum transmit power 300 W
Power consumption 10 W
External power 10-36 V DC / 100-240 V AC
Communication Operating system Linux
Web page Support PC/Mobile web pages/ Android APP
Ports RS232 / Network port / Transducer port
Wi-Fi 802.11n - 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth BT5.0, compatible with BT2.X
Data format CHCNAV, NAME SDDPT/SDDBT, Original waveform
Storage 8 GB, support host to store water depth data
Voice prompt Support shallow water tips
Water temperature sensor -55°C ~ +125°C, real-time correction of the sound speed
Physical Size (L x W x H) 25.7 cm × 12 cm × 6.4 cm (transducer)
Weight 0.84 kg (host) 2.15 kg (transducer)
Environmental Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C (-4°F ~ +140°F) Storage temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C (-40°F ~ +158°F)
IP Rating IP67
Material Aluminum Alloy
OLED display 1.46 inch, resolution (of a photo) 128 x 128