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Blue Robotics Product Overview: BlueROV2 R4

By Blue Robotics / 24 Aug 2022
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In this video Blue Robotics' talks through their new BlueROV2 R4 revision with navigator flight controller, locking watertight enclosures and acrylic and aluminum tube options (with official 100m and 300m depth ratings). The BlueROV2 has been out for nearly six years now and in that time it has become one of the most popular ROVs in the world! It is a remotely operated underwater vehicle with a camera, lighting, and thrusters, which allows users to explore, inspect, and study things underwater.

New highlights with the BlueROV2 R4 include:
- New Navigator Flight Controller and Raspberry Pi 4 instead of the Pixhawk
- New and improved locking watertight enclosures
- Options for acrylic plastic enclosures (100m depth rating) or aluminum enclosures (300m depth rating)
- Strengthened frame construction with longer screws and improved slot-nuts
- Upgrade to the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) instead of the Vent

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