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Selection Made for European Extended Mine Counter Measures Project

Exail, with its autonomous systems and intelligent platforms, has been selected for the European Extended Mine Counter Measures project to establish a European capacity in mine warfare By Abi Wylie / 01 Jul 2024
Selection Made for European Extended Mine Counter Measures Project
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Exail has been selected to participate in the European Extended Mine Counter Measures (E=MCM) project. 

The objective of this consortium project, led by Naval Group Belgium, is to establish a future European sovereign capacity in mine warfare.

In response to the maritime mine threat and within the framework of the European Defense Fund, the European Commission is supporting European navies in enhancing their Mine Counter Measures capabilities. 

The primary aim of the E=MCM project is to integrate new functionalities into the next-generation toolbox (toolbox 2.0). These advancements are intended to effectively address the multifaceted threats posed by drifting, tethered, buried as well as the most modern mines.

Thanks to these new developments, the Toolbox 2.0 will go beyond the current new generation stand-off MCM Toolbox that Exail is developing and will be delivering as part of the replacement of the current MCM capabilities for the Belgian and Dutch navies. 

Leveraging scalable unmanned autonomous systems and intelligent platforms developed by Exail’s teams in both France and Belgium, the new functionalities and improvements will be smoothly integrated into Exail’s MCM ToolBox offer, enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing MCM operations.

Alain Fidani, Partnership and innovation funding Director, said; “We are thrilled to have been selected as a key contributor to the E=MCM project.  Exail brings extensive technological expertise to the forefront of the E=MCM project. 

“Collaborating closely with Naval Group and other consortium partners, Exail will play a pivotal role in developing state-of-the-art technologies to counter maritime current and new mine threats effectively and deliver impactful solutions that strengthen Europe’s defense.”

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