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Teledyne Marine Releases Vertical Detection Mode for Sonars

The VDM upgrade for SeaBat T-Series sonars delivers exceptional accuracy and improves data quality in environments challenged by multipath interference from structures like sheet pilings By Abi Wylie / 01 Mar 2024
Teledyne Marine Releases Vertical Detection Mode for Sonars
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Teledyne Marine has released Vertical Detection Mode (VDM), a game-changing enhancement now available as a free upgrade for all SeaBat T-Series sonar systems

This new feature is set to revolutionize how vertical structures are detected underwater, providing precision like never before. 

Traditional multibeam sonar systems have historically struggled with accurately detecting vertical structures, often facing issues such as multipath interference, which can degrade data quality. The typical bottom detection algorithms are not designed to handle the complexity of these environments effectively. 

However, with the introduction of VDM, Teledyne Marine has redefined the standard for vertical-structure surveys, delivering exceptional accuracy and improving data quality, particularly in environments challenged by multipath interference from structures like sheet pilings. 

VDM is engineered to conquer these challenges with a ‘purist’ approach. Each detection is processed to stand on its own merit, independent of adjacent beams or historical data. This ensures that true features are captured without compromise, maintaining the integrity and detail of the vertical structures.

The release of VDM comes with the SW/FW upgrade Release 3.0, which is compatible with all Teledyne RESON SeaBat T-series systems. This versatile mode is designed to work flawlessly across any frequency, pulse, or beam mode and is suitable for single or dual-head configurations. 

Users can now access these powerful capabilities without the need for additional licenses, changes to data output, or new configurations, ensuring a seamless integration into existing operations. 

Beyond VDM, the latest software and firmware upgrade introduces a suite of enhancements and new features, including Ping Sequencing, further improvements to Tracker, and overall FW stability, all designed to augment the performance of Teledyne Marine’s sonar systems. 

Visit Teledyne Marine’s download portal to get access to the 3.0 SeaBat update.

Teledyne Marine is committed to continuous innovation and providing customers with the most advanced and reliable underwater technology solutions. 

The Vertical Detection Mode is a testament to this commitment, offering impressive detection accuracy and quality for surveyors and marine professionals worldwide.

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