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iMEDCAP Project Launched to Advance Military Healthcare

With its user-driven, holistic approach, iMEDCAP aims to revolutionize the emergency detection, identification, extraction, treatment, and evacuation of injured and possibly contagious personnel in a completely autonomous way By Joe Macey / 26 Feb 2024
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Funded by the European Defence Fund (EDF) and in collaboration with a consortium of European partners, Embention, has unveiled the iMEDCAP project with its kick-off meeting held in Garching, Germany, December 2023. 

This project, led by Technische Universität München as the Coordinator, brings together a diverse array of 24 organizations from 9 countries, uniting European expertise and resources to pioneer ground-breaking advancements in military healthcare and emergency response capabilities.

Over the last decade, significant progress has been made in the development of autonomous air and ground transport, detection technologies as well as (remote) medical interventions. These developments reveal both the potential and the necessity to modernize and adapt rescue systems to facilitate evacuation from complex and/or dangerous situations. Novel weapon technologies have led to several paradigm changes of the situation of ground forces, influencing the requirements for ad hoc medical support and transport logistics. In scenarios, decentral medical support will be needed in a potentially hostile environment, including CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) threats.

Current medical evacuation solutions are limited both in their available numbers and their usability in CBRN situations which contradicts the medical paradigm of the “golden hour” postulating immediate response to traumatic injury to guarantee the highest possible survival rates. A holistic and innovative approach is needed to enhance Europe’s preparedness.

In response to these needs, the user-driven concept of iMEDCAP sets out to design and develop a rescue system which facilitates the autonomous detection of injured personnel, the automatic definition of an evacuation and rescue strategy and an initial treatment in an interoperable patient box, equipped with diagnostic and intervention equipment, during transport under remote control.

iMEDCAP brings together partners from the armed forces, universities, small and medium sized entities and industrial partners, sharing their expertise in their research fields and advancing their technologies and know-how towards a sophisticated solution. The final outcome of iMEDCAP will be the validation of the components and a roadmap for further development, laying the foundations for a modern and digital European rescue system.

While the iMEDCAP project is initiated in the defense sector, technical developments will reveal huge potential for intelligent solutions, facilitating autonomous rescue approaches not only limited to military scenarios, but also covering civil emergency scenarios like wildfire or nuclear incidents.

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