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Advanced Navigation Expands Digital FOG IMU Lineup

The new IMUs feature ultra-fast automatic gyrocompassing and can acquire and maintain an accurate heading under all conditions with no reliance on GNSS By Mike Ball / 12 Jul 2023
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Advanced Navigation DFOG IMUAdvanced Navigation has confirmed that it has expanded its range of Boreas digital fibre-optic gyroscope (DFOG) sensors with the release of the new A Series. The Boreas A90 and A70 are strategic-grade inertial measurement units (IMU) that deliver acceleration and orientation data with superior accuracy, stability and reliability, making them ideal for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and unmanned systems operating in all domains.

The Boreas A90 and A70 contain ultra-high accuracy DFOGs and high performance closed-loop accelerometers. The Boreas A90 offers ultra-high performance, while the A70 is the high-performance option. The sensors also offer an optional licence to add INS capabilities and enable integration with external GNSS receivers using Advanced Navigation’s comprehensive range of interfaces and communication protocols.

Featuring ultra-fast automatic gyrocompassing, both systems can acquire and maintain an accurate heading under all conditions with no reliance on GNSS, making them well-suited for surveying, mapping and navigation across subsea, marine, land and air applications.

The Boreas range also incorporates Advanced Navigation’s revolutionary sensor fusion algorithm. This algorithm is more intelligent than the typical extended Kalman filter and is able to extract significantly more information from the data by making use of human-inspired artificial intelligence. It was designed for control applications, with a high level of health monitoring and instability prevention to ensure stable and reliable data.

Advanced Navigation has designed the Boreas range from the ground up for reliability and availability. Both the hardware and software are designed and tested to stringent safety standards, and have been environmentally tested to MIL standards.

Specifications of the two new IMUs include:

Boreas A90

  • 0.005° roll and pitch
  • 0.01° seclat latitude heading (gyrocompass)
  • 0.001° /hour bias instability
  • 1000 Hz update rate

Boreas A70

  • 0.01° roll and pitch
  • 0.1° seclat latitude heading (gyrocompass)
  • 0.01° /hour bias instability
  • 1000 Hz update rate

Xavier Orr, CEO and co-founder of Advanced Navigation, commented: “Our world-first Boreas DFOG technology represented a step-change for fibre-optic gyroscopes. The addition of the A Series ensures we have greater ability to meet the rapidly growing demand for ultra-high accuracy solutions, even in the most demanding conditions.”

“The A Series is an embodiment of industry-leading performance and cost-effectiveness. We look forward to seeing this technology unlock new possibilities across an expanse of fields, from autonomous vehicles and land surveying to subsea navigation and mining.”

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