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Whitepaper: Dual-Antenna + RTK vs Single-Antenna

Published: 19 Jul 2021 by

Parker LORD, MicroStrain Sensing has released a whitepaper highlighting four evolutionary improvements delivered by the new 3DMGQ7-GNSS/INS. Building on the success of the 3DMGX5-GNSS/INS, the 3DMGQ7-GNSS/INS resolves common challenges in specific use cases. Field Application Engineer Ian Moore, explores the following 4 test reports:

  • Test 1: Dual-Antenna Stationary Heading
  • Test 2: Magnetic Interference Immunity
  • Test 3: Dual-Antenna + RTK vs Single-Antenna
  • Test 4: Wheel Odometry Aiding during GNSS Attenuation

Read the Whitepaper here >>

Test 3 looks specifically at Dual Antenna + RTK vs Single-Antenna

The GQ7, when paired with the 3DMRTK and SensorCloudRTK, increases positional accuracy by 100x by providing 1cm + 1ppm positional accuracy in most major urban areas and coverage is always expanding.

Target applications include:

  • High positional accuracy (2 – 100cm) applications
  • Applications utilizing public roads and sidewalks
  • Delivery drones
  • Urban robots
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Legged robots
  • UAS
  • UAV

Read the full article on the Parker LORD, MicroStrain Sensing website.

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