Industrial-Grade Inertial Sensors Released for Mass Production

By Mike Ball / 10 Oct 2019
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Xsens MTi 600-series inertial sensorsXsens has released its MTi 600-series of mid-range inertial sensors in mass production volumes, for applications including industrial-grade drones and robotic systems such as ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), USVs (unmanned surface vessels) and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles).

Upgrades to Xsens’ sensor fusion algorithms have resulted in the MTi 600-series providing roll and pitch readings to ±0.2° accuracy and GNSS-assisted heading measurements to ±1.0°.

The miniature sensors measure 31.5mm x 28.0mm x 13.0mm, are encased in an IP51-rated enclosure and support a range of interfacing options, including CAN bus, RS-232 and UART, as well as NMEA for marine and aerospace designs.

The MTi 600-series features four separate products:

  • MTi-610 IMU (inertial measurement unit) – provides fully calibrated sensor data outputs
  • MTi-620 VRU (vertical reference unit) – offering roll and pitch measurements accurate to ±0.2°
  • MTi-630 AHRS (attitude and heading reference system) – offering roll and pitch measurements accurate to ±0.2° and yaw measurements accurate to ±1.5°
  • MTi-670 GNSS/INS (GNSS-inertial navigation system) – offering roll and pitch measurements accurate to ±0.2°, yaw measurements accurate to ±1.0°, and global positioning data supplied by an external GNSS receiver

Xsens has also released a new development kit that includes a plug-and-play board and sensor module, designed for engineers wishing to evaluate the performance of the MTi 600-series sensors. The kit is supplied with the free MT Software Suite design and configuration tool.

Meindert Zeeuw, Business Manager Inertial Sensor Modules at Xsens, commented: “Since the MTi 600-series’ launch, development engineers have been blown away by the performance that they are getting from sample units, especially given the competitive pricing that Xsens is able to offer because of the module’s innovative design. Now these engineers can take their designs into production, confident that the MTi 600 production units will meet the very high standards of quality and reliability that Xsens has always maintained.”

Xsens MTi 600 series

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