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Tackling the Cost of Search and Rescue Operations

Cellphone location technology by Revector enables rescue teams to use UAVs with an IMSI cellphone locator unit to find lost and injured outdoor adventurers Feature Article by Revector
Tackling the Cost of Search and Rescue Operations
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IMSI and WiFi location and intelligence specialist Revector has released an article discussing the rising costs of search and rescue operations and how Revector’s technology can help speed up rescues and lower costs.

In the article “Search & Rescue is Expensive”, Revector highlights the growing number of people engaging in outdoor pursuits since the pandemic, alongside an increasing belief that a cell phone can replace the need for copious amounts of safety gear.

The article goes on to focus on the significant cost of mounting search and rescue (SAR) operations (some States in North America are charging individuals for their rescue services), as well as the risk to volunteers and rescue services. The article explains how drones carrying an IMSI cellphone locator can help address this.

Capable of undertaking long-distance SAR flights to locate individuals in remote areas quickly, a UAV mounted with a Revector Detector Cellphone Locator can be in the air in minutes.

Once located, voice and SMS communications can be used to assess the victim’s injuries and health status, plus rescue teams and helicopters can be guided directly to the site, saving on the time larger equipment such as planes and helicopters are in the air.

Read the article in full on Revector’s website and find out more about how this technology can be used to aid SAR missions.

In recognition of the tremendous efforts voluntary rescue organisations regularly undertake, Revector is open to offering products on a product-as-a-service (PaaS) option for Search and Rescue operations where products can be utilized without large upfront capital payments.

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