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Overview Nano Miniature Connectors
By Technology Editor Last updated: December 19th, 2022

Nano Connectors for Unmanned Applications

Nano or nano miniature connectors feature a contact pitch of 0.635mm (0.025″), with pins and receptacles laid out in one or two rows. They offer low weight and high contact density and are used for the most size- and weight-constrained applications, including the smallest unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) and autonomous vehicles. They are available in a variety of form factors, including rectangular, circular, and nano-D, and may be polarised to prevent mis-mating.

Nano Connectors

Nano Connectors by Omnetics

Rugged Nano Connectors for SWaP Constraints

Nano connectors for UAVs may need to withstand large amounts of shock and vibration that occur during flight and landing, and different mating and unmating mechanisms have been developed to guard against unwanted disconnections. In addition to standard jackscrew hardware, nano miniature connectors may have latching or push-in-and-turn ratcheting mechanisms. Tool-free latching mechanisms are particularly suited to drones and other unmanned vehicles that have modular components which need to be swapped out quickly in the field, such as sensor payloads, batteries and data storage systems.

Nano Miniature Connector Termination & Mounting

Nano connector termination options include wiring and PCB surface mount soldering. Mounting styles include panel mount and PCB mount. Nano connectors can often be supplied by manufacturers with flying leads, in jumper assemblies, or as part of a custom wiring harness.

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