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Maritime Autonomy Solutions for Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) & Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS)

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Robosys Automation
Maritime Autonomy Solutions for Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) & Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS)
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Robosys Automation is a world leader in maritime autonomy solutions that enable USVs (uncrewed surface vessels) and MASS (maritime autonomous surface ships) of all sizes to undertake dull, dirty and dangerous tasks with the utmost in safety and efficiency. Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, we can provide any motorised vessel with scalable levels of autonomy up to full IMO degree 4, with capabilities including independent navigation, collision and obstacle avoidance, anti-grounding and dynamic route optimisation.

Robosys autonomous vessels

Headquartered at the UK’s National Oceanography Centre with offices and live testing facilities around the world, we have over two decades of experience in supporting a wide range of industries and market segments, including commercial shipping, surveying, defence, search and rescue and more.

Voyager AI Vessel

Enabling uncrewed, remote piloting and autonomous operations

uncrewed, remote piloting and autonomous operationsVoyager AI Vessel is a proven and trusted full-stack software solution that can be deployed on purpose-built USVs and can also be used to retrofit existing vessels with optionally uncrewed, remote control and fully autonomous capabilities. Using sophisticated sensor fusion of data from radar, AIS, ARPA and other sources, it can deliver up to IMO degree 4 autonomy at speeds of up to 45 knots.

The powerful software uses AI-based perception and smart object detection to enable COLREGS-compliant automatic collision avoidance, anti-grounding, and mission continuity during loss-of-communications events.

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Voyager AI Survey

Smart autonomous navigation for commercial survey USVs

Autonomous Navigation For Survey USVsVoyager AI Survey is a highly configurable entry-level software solution that empowers commercial survey vessels with state-of-the-art autonomous navigation, including collision and obstacle avoidance and anti-grounding capabilities.

Easily integrated with existing onboard systems and sensors, it is fully scalable to provide the exact level of vessel autonomy and payload control that you need.

Oceanographic and hydrographic surveys can be planned in EIVA, Hypack or Qinsy and transferred to Voyager AI Survey for safe and efficient mission execution.  The intuitive software provides a wide range of user-configurable vessel and mission parameters.

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Voyager AI Remote

Intelligent remote control capabilities for USVs

Voyager AI RemoteVoyager AI Remote is a versatile remote control and piloting system that has been specifically designed to work with USVs. It features a variety of advanced functionality including route planning and management, autonomous track and waypoint following, and geofencing.

The system is ideal for military and law enforcement vessels as well as for civilian applications such as surveying, firefighting, tugboats and oil spill response. It is scalable to full Degree 4 Autonomy.

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Voyager AI Autopilot

Autopilot module for fully autonomous USV operations

AI-Supported USV Autopilot LaunchedVoyager AI Autopilot is a compact module designed to provide fully autonomous capabilities for retrofit and new-build USVs in the 3 to 12 metre range. The module can control the latest electric drives as well as both analogue and digital steering systems.

Voyager AI Autopilot integrates seamlessly with the Robosys Voyager AI Survey software solution, and is ideal for equipping vessels with autonomous survey capabilities for hydrography, environmental monitoring, oil and gas, and more.

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RC & Autonomy Kit

Integrated remote piloting & autonomous navigation for small uncrewed vessels

Robosys RC & Autonomy kit

Remote Control & Autonomy

We provide an all-in-one solution for intelligent remote control and autonomous navigation of small USVs and retrofitted craft such as RIBs. The kit features a rugged portable dual-screen GCS and our proven Voyager AI Remote software, and seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of third party steering, drives and motor control systems. The intuitive navigation and helm control UIs provide a range of powerful functionality including mission planning with user-defined parameters, alarms, engine and propulsion monitoring, and emergency stop.

USV Ground Control Station

Ground Control Station (GCS) for USV platforms

Robosys GCS ModuleOur rugged purpose-built GCS for USVs and autonomous vessels provides intuitive and user-friendly control in an easily-transportable package. The IP65-rated and shock-resistant unit features dual 21.5″ Full HD touchscreens, a throttle lever and 3-axis joystick, and configurable switches and keyboard.

The GCS is radio-agnostic, and provides long battery life to support extended-duration missions.

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Remote Wireless Controller

Rugged handheld controller for autonomous & uncrewed vessels

Remote Wireless Controller

The Robosys Remote Wireless Controller provides intuitive and straightforward control of uncrewed and autonomous vessels in a lightweight and handheld form factor, and is ideal for a wide range of maritime and marine applications. The drop-proof and IP66-rated unit features a sunlight-readable LCD screen and an integrated e-stop, and is capable of up to 2 km line-of-sight range at 900 MHz and up to 500 meters at 2.4 GHz.


mission-critical government workboats

Government & Defense
Voyager AI is ideal for automating mission-critical government workboats and naval vessels, reducing operator error caused by fatigue, tedium or distraction.

uncrewed autonomous solutions

Offshore & Energy
Our optionally uncrewed and autonomous solutions are ideal for meeting the ever-increasing demands for a wide variety of marine and maritime services such as aquaculture and offshore renewable energy, while significantly reducing environmental impact and enabling more sustainable operations.

Industrial Workboats

Industrial Workboats
Robosys’ cutting-edge autonomy capabilities increase the safety and reduce the burden of workboat operators undertaking a wide variety of dull, dirty and dangerous jobs, including survey, patrolling, spill response, cargo shipping, and much more. Our systems can be used to equip new-built craft or retrofitted to existing vessels.

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