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Partnership to Provide AI-Based Training for Autonomous Ships

Robosys Automation and AMC Search (AMCS) will launch their partnership with a training session at Ocean Business 2023, titled ‘Understanding Human and AI Collaboration for future shipping’ By Caroline Rees / 13 Apr 2023
Australian Maritime College Bridge Simulator using Robosys Voyager
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Robosys Automation and AMC Search (AMCS) are partnering to multiply their strengths in supporting mariners with the latest technology, training and procedures for mixed human and AI operations.  

Brought on by increased publicity of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) trials performing in a mix of crewed and uncrewed environments, Robosys and AMCS are launching their partnership with a training session at Ocean Business 2023, titled ‘Understanding Human and AI Collaboration for future shipping’.

Ocean Business will be held in Southampton, 18-20 April and Robosys Automation is delivering the classroom training session that features a case study of AMCS using Robosys’ VOYAGER AI software in its Maritime Simulation Center in Tasmania.

The case study is built around four scenarios to observe how humans and machines react in accordance with the IMO Convention on International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS).

These scenarios were conducted individually as well as in a mixed human/machine environment, within challenging and varied shipping situations.

The training at Ocean Business will highlight the importance of using simulations for developing the skills required to operate MASS systems providing participants with a demonstration of how AI reacts in differing navigation situations including a direct comparison of how humans and AI react in the same situation.

According to AMCS, the company selected Robosys’ Voyager AI software for the delivery of its training programs in Tasmania because it offers simple, flexible mission and operational user defined settings for both crewed and uncrewed vessels.

Voyager AI also includes ‘Explainable AI’ based COLREGS compliance to support both autonomous vessels as well as crewed ships with automatic Collision Avoidance Decision Aid (CADA) support.

Nick Bonser, Simulation & Autonomous Maritime Instructor at AMC Search, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Robosys automation because of their deep expertise in this area. They are dynamic and agile, with the ability to support our cutting-edge simulator operations and MASS operator training syllabus, along with delivering Collision Avoidance Decision Aid (CADA) capability for our students.”

Nigel Lee, Chief Strategy Officer at Robosys Automation, added: “We are excited to be delivering classroom based training at Ocean Business 2023 in partnership with AMCS and look forward to building upon this mutually beneficial long term partnership where we can jointly improve the safety and efficiency of sustainable and smart future maritime operations.”

Both Robosys Automation and AMCS are looking towards finalizing a three-year partnering agreement to enhance MASS certified training as well as presenting at the inaugural International Conference on Maritime Autonomy and Remote Navigation (ICMAR Nav) conference held at AMC in Launceston, Australia, 27-30 Nov 2023, addressing the theme ‘Driving Forward Autonomy in the Maritime Industry’.

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