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Amprius Cell Receives Award at International Battery Seminar

The Best of Show New Product award for the SiMaxx 400 Wh/kg high-power cell represents a second consecutive International Battery Seminar award for Amprius, voted on by energy industry professionals By Joe Macey / 27 Mar 2024
Amprius Cell Receives Award at International Battery Seminar
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Amprius Technologies’ SiMaxx 400 Wh/kg cell won the Best of Show New Product Award at the 2024 International Battery Seminar.

Last year, industry professionals attending the 2023 International Battery Seminar voted Amprius’ 450 Wh/kg, 1150 Wh/L lithium-ion cell the inaugural winner of the Best of Show New Product Award.

The 2024 Best of Show Awards offered exhibitors of the International Battery Seminar an exclusive opportunity to distinguish and highlight their products, ranging from an innovative application, technology, tool, or solution.

The International Battery community was invited to identify exceptional innovation in technologies used by industry professionals, voting on the most impactful new or significantly improved products of the year via an online submission during the event. The 400 Wh/kg high-power cell received the most votes from registered attendees recognizing it as the best new product in the battery industry.

“We are honored to receive the Best of Show New Product Award for our SiMaxx 400 Wh/kg high-power cell,” said Dr. Kang Sun, CEO of Amprius Technologies.

“This second consecutive win in this category validates our dedication to building innovative products and shows the need for our next-generation battery technology to power the future of electric mobility.”

“We are pleased to recognize Amprius’ SiMaxx 400 Wh/kg cell as our Best of Show New Product Award among a highly competitive field of industry-leading energy solutions,” said Craig Wohlers, Executive Director of Conferences at the International Battery Seminar.

“Amprius continues to create products that challenge the previously set boundaries for our industry, enabling a significant increase in overall performance.”

Amprius’ SiMaxx 400 Wh/kg cell, also known as the ultra-high-power-high-energy cell, has a remarkable power output and boasts ultra-fast charging (UFC) capability which offer significant advantages to the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sectors.

The cell can deliver a 10C continuous discharge rate and provide an up to 50% flight range increase, both of which are significant developments enabling electric aviation.

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