Compact Hydrogen and PEM Fuel Cells for Drones and UAV

Innovative Fuel Cell Design Achieved Through Collaboration

Intelligent Energy is 'Powering the Hydrogen Future' with high-efficiency fuel cell innovations developed on Rescale By Sarah Simpson / 24 Jan 2024
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Intelligent Energy, a pioneer in fuel cell technology, continues to achieve significant milestones against its roadmap to a sustainable future powered by hydrogen.

Innovative Fuel Cell Design Achieved Through Transformative Collaboration

This roadmap is paved with advancements in innovative fuel cell design, achieved through a transformative collaboration with Rescale, a leading cloud platform for high-performance computing.

Central to this innovation lies Intelligent Energy’s next-generation fuel cell stack, precision-optimized using an engineering computing stack on Rescale’s HPC platform.

By leveraging the Rescale platform’s unparalleled computing power, scalability and AI-based performance optimization, Intelligent Energy’s engineers were able to conduct extensive simulations, analyze complex data sets, and rapidly iterate on their designs, which leads to improved efficiency, reduced weight, and enhanced durability – all crucial to unlocking the full potential of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source.

“The future of energy demands bold innovation, and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved through our collaboration with Rescale,” stated Dr Chris Dudfield, CTO of Intelligent Energy. “By harnessing the power of HPC, in our next generation fuel cell design, we’re paving the way for a future where hydrogen powers everything from transportation and heavy industry to power plants and data centers.”

Intelligent Energy’s SOAR fuel cells for UAV applications have also benefited from the Rescale platform which has beed used to support both the IE-SOAR 2.4kW and IE-SOAR 1.2kW fuel cells within the past 12 months.

Addressing the challenge of decarbonization

The impact of this breakthrough extends far beyond the realm of technology. Intelligent Energy’s newly developed fuel cell, distinguished by its exceptional efficiency, emerges as a compelling solution to the pressing challenge of decarbonization.

Fuel cells seamlessly align with the intensifying emphasis on energy sustainability. The inherent modularity of fuel cells and their scalability not only cater to variable power demands but also bolster energy security by providing an alternative power source deployable in remote or off-grid locations where conventional power infrastructure proves challenging.

Hydrogen fuel cells enable significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions while delivering the performance and reliability needed for widespread adoption. Intelligent Energy is developing a range of IE-GRID™ products using green hydrogen and fuel-cells to provide power generation at megawatt scale. This transformative solution sets the stage for a future characterized by cleaner air, healthier communities, and a more sustainable planet.

“Rescale is proud to be a part of this transformative journey to bring new and more sustainable energy innovations to market,” commented Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale.

“Our R&D platform empowers leading innovators like Intelligent Energy to push the boundaries of what’s possible, accelerating the development of solutions that have the power to reshape our world.” Rescale’s partnership with Intelligent Energy is actively driving the transformation towards a greener, more sustainable computing landscape.

Rescale is also committed to the sustainability of the computing supply chain, integrating a spectrum of sustainable computing architectures which lower the energy footprint for complex and compute-intensive R&D activities.

Rescale enables organizations, such as Intelligent Energy, to run simulations with unprecedented efficiency, minimizing the environmental impact of their R&D operations.

An example of this commitment is Rescale’s facilitation of harnessing the energy-efficient capabilities of Arm®-based computing architectures. By actively enabling the use of Arm-based technology for leading R&D software applications, Rescale offers R&D organizations a concrete and impactful option to align their technology development with environmentally conscious practices, contributing to a more sustainable compute value chain.

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