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Gavia AUVs Provided to Maritime Survey Operator

By Mike Ball / 01 Feb 2022
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Teledyne Gavia AUV

Teledyne Marine has confirmed that maritime data collection and management company Terradepth has acquired three Teledyne Marine Gavia autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that will be used to support the rollout of its Ocean Data as a Service and Absolute Ocean data platform.

The Gavia AUVs are highly configurable and carry a depth rating of up to 1000 meters, making them ideal platforms for meeting the growing demand for Terradepth’s survey services in shallow and medium depths. The vehicles are each equipped with an Edgetech 2205 600/1600 kHz Module that retrieves both side scan sonar and bathymetric sonar data, RDI DVL-aided IXBlue PHINS C3 Inertial Navigation Systems for accurate navigation, and field-replaceable battery modules from Teledyne Energy Systems for longer endurance. Future hardware updates will include Teledyne T20 multi-beam sonar and sub-bottom profilers. The Gavia AUVs were also delivered with a Science Bay Module in anticipation of installing scientific sensors based on operational need.

Terradepth’s new Absolute Ocean (AO) addition to its survey-as-a-service offerings is a cloud-backed, browser-based, geospatial data platform. It provides storage, search, visualization and analysis of ocean data, whether collected by Terradepth or a third party. This unique capability allows users to leverage geospatial ocean data on a petabyte scale to view, search and query from any web browser.

Features of Absolute Ocean include:

  • Geospatial Search — Explore datasets from around the globe and filter by geographic region.
  • Temporal Search — Search for and specify results by time frame.
  • Object of Interest Search — This machine-learning-powered automatic target recognition allows users to search by text field for objects of interest within their search results. These can include pipelines, hazards, or other man-made debris.
  • Persistent Data Storage — AO provides scalable, cost-effective data storage, ensuring accessibility and immutability to previously collected data, preventing resurvey of previously surveyed areas if up-to-date information is not desired or required.

AO currently offers high-resolution side-scan sonar, multibeam bathymetry and overhead satellite imagery, with a future roadmap that includes satellite-derived bathymetric data, sub-bottom profiling data, and water column data such as current, temperature and other environmental factors.

Brian Maguire, Marine Chief Operating Officer and Vehicles Business Unit General Manager at Teledyne Marine, commented: “We’re excited that Terradepth chose our AUV as the best solution to meet their goals. Terradepth’s application is a perfect fit with our purpose of enabling humanity to understand the marine environment like never before to explore, preserve, and protect the world.”

Joe Wolfel, co-CEO at Terradepth, noted: “These moves bring Terradepth closer to its goal of creating a comprehensive and highly accurate virtual ocean model. Our vision is to allow humans to make better, faster decisions with respect to the underwater sector at large. This will help predict atmospheric weather patterns, build underwater energy and telecom infrastructures, and protect and ensure our coastal communities’ future.”

Judson Kauffman, co-CEO of Terradepth, stated: “We’re excited to be able to offer a complete suite of ocean data management solutions. The Gavia AUVs, combined with Absolute Ocean, will reveal new insights that are as easily searchable as looking for something on Google.”

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