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Leveraging the SOSA™ Architecture to Enable AI Solutions for EW/ISR Applications

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  • January 27, 2021 , 13:00 (UTC)
  • As AI becomes more pervasive in computing solutions, it’s only natural that it would become part of the conversation when discussing the implementations within the world of SOSA. This webinar will examine how it is being designed into SOSA modules, with a specific focus on RF and AI solutions.

    Experts from Concurrent Technologies, Elma Electronic, and EIZO Rugged will discuss in-depth how different components of a modular open architecture system can deliver convincing AI solutions – where do GPGPUs excel along with their software options; what advantages do CPU and FPGA designs have in AI, and what challenges can occur when integrating a system aligned to SOSA to meet the inevitable cooling challenges.

    A deeper dive will discuss how the Expansion Plane is used for PCIe GPGPU solutions, how accelerators can be implemented on FPGA-enabled plug-in cards (PICs), examine the architecture topologies are needed to select the right backplane, and review the heat dissipation required in an integrated subsystem. Specific target applications will also be addressed.



    Nigel Forrester, Director of Business Development at Concurrent Technologies
    At Concurrent Technologies, Nigel Forrester has responsibility for product strategy and partner relationships along with a focus on outbound marketing activities. He has previous experience of technical product and vertical marketing roles in the embedded space and is an accomplished speaker and author. Nigel is based at Concurrent Technologies UK headquarters.

    Chris Fadeley, Software Engineering Manager at EIZO Rugged Solutions
    Chris Fadeley is a Software Engineering Manager at EIZO Rugged Solutions (ERS) with a strong background in embedded software engineering. He leads all of ERS initiatives in AI, Deep Learning, GPGPU processing and optimization. Chris and his team develop unified drivers and APIs that integrate with all of NVIDIA’s software stack and allow interoperability of company’s rugged graphics and video products in most system configurations. He holds a BS Computer Engineering Degree from the University of Florida.

    Ken Grob, Director of Embedded Computing at Elma Electronic
    Ken Grob is Director of Embedded Computing Architectures for Elma Electronic and is responsible for driving the company’s integrated solutions. He holds a BSEE from Drexel University, landing first at IBM and later became the co-owner of a well-respected embedded sub-systems integration company. He is a veteran of the embedded computing open architectures industry, and an active contributor to the developing SOSA™ standards.

    John Keller, Editor-in-Chief at Military & Aerospace Electronics

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