Closed Loop, Digital, MEMS Accelerometers & Gyros for Drones and Robotics

Precise Navigation in New Air Mobility Systems

Tronics Microsystems’ new generation of digital low SWaP MEMS inertial sensors are developed for AHRS, flight control, and can enable precise, cost-effective navigation in new air mobility systems, eVTOLs, and unmanned aerial vehicles Feature Article by Tronics Microsystems
Precise Navigation in New Air Mobility Systems by Tronics Microsystems
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Tronics Microsystems’ MEMS inertial sensors are designed for use within attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS) and flight control systems.

This new generation of digital MEMS inertial sensors can unlock precise navigation and positioning in new air mobility systems like VTOL and UAV. Other applications include GNSS-assisted positioning and navigation, Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU).

Tactical-grade MEMS inertial sensors from Tronics offer a digital, low-SWaP alternative to bulky and expensive quartz accelerometers and FOG gyroscopes. They operate exceptionally well under severe vibration with reduced power consumption to maximize the autonomy of the aircraft.

Tronics’ MEMS accelerometers and gyros are housed in a lightweight, compact ceramic SMD package to optimize the payload of the UAV. Compared to analog sensors, they have a digital SPI output, which reduces the cost of materials and simplifies system integration.

Product Spotlight

AXO®315: Digital MEMS Accelerometer for UAV/VTOL Navigation

TRONICS_AXO315 digital force rebalance MEMS accelerometerControlling dynamic systems in harsh environments necessitates accurate, stable, and repeatable sensors.

Satellite-based systems are combined with high-performance inertial sensors for the localization and navigation of unmanned aerial and land vehicles, allowing for precise positioning even when GNSS is unavailable.

AXO315 is a high performance, compact, digital MEMS accelerometer that provides a low-SWaP alternative to quartz accelerometers for precise navigation operations. Plus, it exhibits outstanding bias stability and repeatability under severe vibration environments and fast changing temperature conditions.


  • ±14 g range, single-axis in-plane accelerometer
  • 1 year composite bias repeatability: 1 mg
  • 1 year composite scale factor repeatability: 600 ppm
  • Vibration rejection: 20 μg/g²
  • Noise: 15 μg/√Hz
  • Temperature range: -55°C to +105°C

Low SWaP Alternative to FOG

GYPRO®4300: High stability ± 300 °/s MEMS gyroscope with digital interface

Tronics GYPRO4300 MEMS gyro

GYPRO4300 provides a low swap alternative to FOG (fiber optic gyros), offering a cost-effective, miniature, and digital solution that can be combined with AXO315 to enable urban air mobility applications.

The high-performance, closed-loop digital MEMS gyroscope features ± 300 °/s input range, offering high stability and repeatability in severe conditions, including when exposed to fluctuating temperatures and high levels of vibration and shock.


  • ± 300 °/s range, single-axis gyroscope
  • Bias instability: 0.4 °/h
  • Angular Random Walk: 0.07 °/√hr
  • Vibration rejection: 0.5 °/h/g²
  • Residual scale factor over temperature range: 160 ppm
  • Latency: ≤ 1 ms
  • Available in 3 frequency ranges to minimize mechanical cross-coupling in multi-axis applications

Both AXO315 and GYPRO4300 are housed in a small,  hermetic ceramic SMD package to ease integration and reduce BOM whilst enhancing UAV payload capacity.

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