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RIEGL UAV Development Fleet Expands with Additional Multicopter Platforms

Two new Acecore Technologies multicopters are being utilized for customer demonstrations in Europe, making it possible to demonstrate the complete system (UAV platform and RIEGL platform) live By Joe Macey / 05 Sep 2023
Riegl UAV Development Fleet Expanded by Additional Multicopter Platforms
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The RIEGL unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development fleet has been expanded with additional multicopter platforms.

Since June 2023, two multicopters from Dutch manufacturer Acecore Technologies, the NOA and ZOE (X8), have been reinforcing the company’s UAV fleet in Horn, Austria.

With the ever-growing number of test and calibration flights for production and development purposes at the RIEGL headquarters in Europe, acquisition of additional UAV platforms was necessary and the new carrier platforms complement the existing UAV fleet available in Horn.

Acecore ZOE (X8) with RIEGL VUX-120: an optimal combination for mapping applications

In addition to test and calibration flights, the two new multicopters are also being utilized for customer demonstrations in Europe. This now makes it possible to demonstrate the complete system (UAV platform and RIEGL payload) live, impressively showcasing the advantages of this proven integration.

To ensure that the interaction between LiDAR Sensor with tested and endorsed UAV platforms functions optimally, RIEGL offers corresponding integration kits. The package comes with an appropriate shock absorbing mounting kit, power supply module, GNSS antenna, GNSS antenna mount and the necessary cabling that enables quick and straight-forward integration of the RIEGL sensor system with integrated IMU/GNSS unit and optional cameras on the multicopter.

Integration kits are offered for the entire comprehensive RIEGL UAV sensor program, from the entry-level RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV sensor to the RIEGL VQ-840-GL topo-bathymetric laser scanner.

The Acecore team with CEO Jorrit Linders (first from the left) and RIEGL CEO Dr. Riegl (second from the left) with the RIEGL UAV team at the handover of the drones in Horn.

Philipp Amon, ULS Business Division Manager at RIEGL, said: “What we particularly appreciate about the Acecore UAVs is the robustness of the platforms and the possibility of using heavier payloads with good flight times. We are very pleased that numerous Acecore systems with RIEGL LiDAR systems are already being used on the market.”


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