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New Mine Disposal ROV Launched

Oceanbotics' SRV-8 MDV is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging sonar and advanced IED neutralization technology By Mike Ball / 22 Jun 2023
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Oceanbotics has launched the SRV-8 MDV (Mine Disposal Vehicle), a new addition to the company’s Special Purpose Vehicle Division that is designed to detect and eliminate explosive mine threats quickly and efficiently. The underwater ROV (remotely operated vehicle) utilizes ECS Special Projects’ Viper MDS technology for neutralizing improvised explosive devices (IEDs), allowing commercial and naval EOD teams to locate and deal with mine threats effectively.

Operators will first use the SRV-8 MDV’s state-of-the-art imaging sonar to detect the mine threat. Upon reaching the mine, the Viper MDS will secure the charge disruptor to the mine. The operator will then navigate the ROV away from the mine threat while deploying a spooled shock tube that is tethered from the charge to the ROV. By activating the charge through the shock tube, the operator will effectively neutralize the mine threat, ensuring the safety of both personnel and the ROV.

The SRV-8 MDV has a NATO Stock Number and represents a significant advancement in mine disposal systems, where revolutionary technology is paired with unmatched ease of use. The new special purpose ROV prioritizes diver safety and enhances operational efficiency, making the SRV-8 MDV a crucial addition to any EOD dive team.

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