Long-Range, First-Person View Drones for Ukrainian Deployment

Red Cat Holdings will deliver 200 long-range, high-speed, first-person view drones to Ukraine, offering increased maneuverability even in GPS-denied and GPS-jammed battlefield conditions By Caroline Rees / 17 May 2023
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Long-Range, First-Person View Drones for Ukrainian Deployment

Red Cat Holdings will fulfill a purchase order to provide 200 long-range, high-speed, First-Person View (FPV) drones to Ukrainian drone pilots, for delivery in June 2023.

According to Red Cat, the drones to be shipped have the highest power-to-weight ratio in the drone industry, offering increased maneuverability, especially when combined with the FPV functionality of the drones. These FPV drones can also fly in GPS-denied and GPS-jammed battlefield conditions.

“Fortunately, Red Cat has the US manufacturing capacity required to quickly deliver on such orders,” said Red Cat CEO, Jeff Thompson. “We are pleased to provide our product to Ukrainian drone pilots, and we look forward to continuing to engage with them, including by providing our new nighttime drone, the Teal 2. Much of drone activity is performed at night, and the Teal 2 is at the forefront of nighttime drone capabilities.”  

Officially launched last month, the Teal 2 is designed to ‘Dominate the Night™’ and is equipped with Teledyne FLIR’s new Hadron 640R sensor. This provides end-users with high-resolution thermal imaging in a small (Group 1) form factor and is optimized for nighttime operations. Red Cat’s other technology partners for the Teal 2 include Athena AI, Reveal Technology, and Tomahawk Robotics.

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