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TEKEVER AR3 Long Endurance UAV to Boost Pipeline Surveillance

TEKEVER'S AR3 modular fixed-wing UAV will be used to safeguard static oil pipeline infrastructures, providing day and nighttime surveillance for an energy company in Africa By Sarah Simpson / 26 Jul 2022
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TEKEVER has won a major contract to monitor oil pipeline infrastructures and survey their surroundings for an energy company in Africa. The service will be provided using TEKEVER AR3 systems that will be used for day and night BLOS (beyond line of sight) operations, in ranges up to 100Km.

The system will use a combination of several onboard sensors, and its gimbal will be fitted with Electro-optical, Infrared and Laser Range Finder sensors. TEKEVER’s ATLAS platform will support real-time data fusion, AI-powered detection algorithms and immediate information dissemination to enable highly efficient surveillance over a wide variety of terrains and environmental conditions.

“African countries have experienced significant economic loss due to pipeline vandalism and oil theft, which poses a great danger to human health, property, the environment and ecological biodiversity. Unmanned technology is a fundamental ally in the quest to safeguard these strategic assets and the common good”, explains Ricardo Mendes, TEKEVER CEO, “Keeping pipelines safe is a tremendous challenge. Surveillance is traditionally done using manned helicopters in daytime operations, but most accidents and thefts occur during the night. Our systems are fully prepared and optimized for both day and nighttime operations and include a wide set of AI-powered tools designed to help streamline the entire surveillance operation.”

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