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Remote Control and Autonomous Crawlspace Inspection Robot

Published: 22 Oct 2021 by

Customised robotics manufacturer GESAR Inc. have adapted the CSSPC 1000 unmanned ground system to inspect crawlspaces.

Remote Control and Autonomous Crawlspace Inspection Robot

The industrial use inspection robot can be customised according to size and range and can be controlled remotely or autonomously. Inspection sensors and cameras can be interchanged depending on required applications, and sensors and parts can be upgraded on request.

The CSSPC 1000 is a general purpose unmanned ground system. Modifications for crawlspace inspections were undertaken for MPHI Home Specialists enabling the CSSPC 1000 to be used for the inspection of crawlspaces, foundations and under vehicle inspections.

Able to navigate complex structures and confined spaces, the use of inspection robots eliminates risk to operators as well as reducing downtime.

GESAR provide a range of robotics engineering consultancy services, generating tailored commercial solutions for specialist applications.

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