Heavy-Duty Remote-Controlled Unmanned Tractor Released

By Mike Ball / 06 Sep 2020
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GESAR autonomous tractor

GESAR Inc has launched the Vole, a long-range remote-controlled tractor UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) designed for small and start-up farms as a cost-effective alternative to manned utility tractors.

The electrically-powered unmanned tractor features capabilities comparable to compact utility tractors, can pull and move over 700 pounds, and is ideal for a wide range of agricultural tasks, such as material transport, tilling, crop spraying and mowing. It is available in three variants – remote-controlled, remote-controlled with camera, and semi-autonomous.

Cash Willis, chief robotics engineer of GESAR, commented: “The Vole is ideal for any person looking to avoid massive debt when starting up a farm , or who already has a farm of 100 acres or less. Why buy an ATV and hook up attachments when you can do the same thing with the Vole, which is capable of moving and pulling 700 pounds?”

Watch a video about the Vole tractor UGV below:

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