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White Paper: Improving Video Performance with AV1 Encoder

EIZO Rugged Solutions' latest white paper focused on the AV1 encoder provides a short history of video coding formats, open standards for military electronics, and NVIDIA processing with AV1 Feature Article by EIZO
White Paper: Improving Video Performance with AV1 Encoder
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In EIZO Rugged Solutions’ white paper, learn how advances in performance with AV1 have now enabled the adoption of the format in military applications, providing the market with a viable open standard option for video coding. 

The new white paper, entitled “True Open Standard Encoding for Improved Video Performance”, look at the short history of video coding formats, the adoption of AV1, and NVIDIA processing with AV1. 

Eizo believes that technology plays a pivotal role in modern warfare, enhancing military capabilities, improving strategic planning, and transforming communication systems. Technology is seen as a crucial tool that significantly influences the outcome of missions. 

White Paper: Improving Video Performance with AV1 EncoderAV1 is a codec that is used to compress a video file or stream to a lower bitrate while preserving and maximizing the visual quality. AV1 has the ability to switch between sequences in motion imagery, overwrite all reference frames without the use of a key frame, encode a stream into smaller segments, while changing bitrates and resolutions without having to perform re-encodes or the use of a full key frame. This allows the overall bitrate of the stream to remain low. This is particularly useful in military applications because it allows the encoder to change resolutions and bitrates to accommodate flight changes, while the decoder can accept these changes without interrupting the video stream. 

An AV1 encoder also has the ability to take motion imagery from a group of cameras and stitch them together into a single stream, allowing for a 360° view of the surrounding environment. Large Volume Motion Imagery sensors can encode motion imagery streams into a single data stream. Adoption for this standard within the mil/aero industry has been high thanks to these features, and products from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA® all support AV1 decoding. 

Designers of rugged military solutions are looking to leverage technology and innovations from the commercial world in its products, where performance is traditionally advanced and optimized before being applied to harsh environments. By using technology like AV1, systems engineers are able to enhance situational awareness for the warfighter with better, more intelligent military systems.

Read the full white paper on EIZO’s website and find out more about how technology is enhancing military capabilities.

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