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Drone as First Responder Program Aids Policing at 435-Acre Event

Two Skydio X2s and drone docking stations, with Skydio Remote Ops software, were placed around a 435-Acre event to deploy a Dock-Based Drone as First Responder (DFR) program Feature Article by Skydio
Drone as First Responder Program Aids Policing at 435-Acre Event
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The Oklahoma City Police Department (OKCPD) UAV program coordinators have collaborated with Skydio to expand their drone fleet and address the challenges of policing the 435-acre Oklahoma State Fair. Read more >>

Captain Bussert of OKCPD has long recognized the potential of drone technology in improving law enforcement capabilities, and has already integrated public safety drones from Skydio into daily patrol operations.

This year, he wanted to add first responder drones to his plan for policing at the fair, but knew it would require a thoughtful approach to ensure that deploying OKCPD’s finite drone resources at the fairgrounds didn’t compromise the department’s city-wide responsibilities.

They strategically placed two Skydio X2s and accompanying drone docking stations around the fairgrounds to deploy a Dock-Based Drone as First Responder (DFR) program. This move, from drones in patrol vehicles to drones in docks, coupled with the activation of Skydio Remote Ops software, marked a significant shift in their operational strategy.

The full article from Skydio goes on to outline:

  • The Challenge of Managing a Large Open-Air Event
  • Dock-Based Drone as First Responder
  • Outstanding Results and Improved Public Safety with Dock-Based DFR
  • Looking Ahead: Scaling the DFR Program
  • Pioneering a Safer Future

Docked drones, used to quickly respond to calls for service and provide additional overwatch for the safety of the attendees, marks the first use of this technology for a multi-day, large-scale security event. Indeed, this deployment moved OKCPD’s drone operation into an advanced stage of their city-wide dock-based Drone as First Responder strategy.

Read the full article, or visit Skydio’s website to find out more. 

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