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Autonomous Collision Avoidance Software for Maritime Vessels

The GAMA software from Greenroom Robotics is an advanced autonomous control system for maritime vessels, providing collision avoidance, situational analysis, and a 360-degree view of the marine environment By William Mackenzie / 28 May 2024
Autonomous Collision Avoidance Software for Maritime Vessels
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The Greenroom Advanced Maritime Autonomy (GAMA) software is an innovation in maritime navigation from autonomous software developer Greenroom Robotics.

Engineered for seamless integration, whether in the construction phase of new ships or retrofitting into existing vessels, GAMA introduces safety and efficiency using an advanced autonomous control system. It features a sophisticated collision avoidance capability, designed for simplicity, ensuring the seas remain safe for mariners.

GAMA’s collision avoidance feature transcends traditional safety measures by ensuring that its navigational decisions are the result of a holistic analysis of all potential hazards. This all-encompassing perspective allows for the selection of the best possible course of action, optimizing safety without compromising on efficiency or predictability.

Situational Awareness

GAMA’s collision avoidance system is able to immediately react to threats, and offers a comprehensive approach to situational analysis. By gathering and synthesizing data from a variety of sources, including the Automatic Identification System (AIS), Radar, and optical inputs from Lookout+ (Greenroom’s proprietary optical radar and sensor fusion engine), GAMA offers a 360-degree view of the maritime environment. 

This integration enables the system to anticipate potential collisions before they pose a threat, adhering to maritime “best practices” to ensure seamless operation in mixed traffic scenarios, preventing confusion among operators of traditional vessels.

Operational Strategy

GAMA features a proactive operational strategy, which is articulated through three concentric zones of safety around the vessel.

Outermost Zone
Initially, GAMA’s predictive analytics kick in at the outermost zone, assessing the trajectory of every object within its range to forecast potential interactions.

This predictive capability is not limited to a single obstacle; instead, GAMA evaluates the entire seascape, ensuring that its navigational decisions optimize safety while considering the dynamic nature of all surrounding vessels and navigation risks.

Critical Zone
As objects approach, they are projected to enter the second, more critical zone, prompting GAMA to implement strategic adjustments to the vessel’s course or speed, preemptively averting possible incursions.

GAMA dynamically adjusts its behavior based on the calculated risk each object presents, maintaining a safe operating distance.

Emergency Zone
At its core, the emergency zone serves as GAMA’s final safeguard, where it executes immediate maneuvers to mitigate collision risks with precision and calm, making rational decisions even under pressure.

This layered defensive approach, adaptable to various ship sizes and operational conditions, showcases GAMA’s agility and advanced design.

Greenroom Robotics assert that through its meticulous design and advanced technological framework, GAMA is redefining maritime safety. The software offers a glimpse into a future where intelligent systems like GAMA ensure that navigation is not just about avoiding collisions, but about creating a harmonious maritime ecosystem where every journey is safe, efficient, and secure.

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