Buzz Solutions to Deliver AI-Powered Infrastructure Inspections

With Buzz Solutions providing predictive analytics platform PowerAI, a comprehensive drone and AI infrastructure inspection solution will be delivered to utility customers across the Caribbean By Abi Wylie / 12 Feb 2024
Buzz Solutions to Deliver AI-Powered Infrastructure Inspections
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Buzz Solutions has announced its newest customer DRIFT ENTERPRISE Ltd., a full-service commercial Drone Solutions Provider operating in the Cayman Islands with service extension to Jamaica and other Caribbean territories.

According to RationalStat, the global artificial intelligence (AI) in Drones market is expected to reach US$ 84 billion by 2030, with an annual growth rate of more than 28.5%. 

The use case of AI-powered drones for infrastructure inspections is gaining significant traction, especially within the power utility industry as companies seek more efficient and accurate ways to detect and predict grid anomalies that can cause major problems including wildfires and blackouts.

Within this burgeoning market, DRIFT has established itself as a trusted provider of commercial drone solutions focused on aerial imagery capture for companies and businesses in Construction and Engineering, Real Estate Marketing, Energy & Utility, Agriculture, Insurance, and many more industries. 

With Buzz Solutions — an AI company that enables a smart, stable and resilient energy infrastructure — providing predictive analytics platform PowerAI, DRIFT will be able to deliver a comprehensive drone and AI infrastructure inspection solution to its utility customers across the Caribbean.

In computer vision and predictive analytics, Buzz Solutions has emerged as an industry leader with an established track record of working with major power utilities globally for T&D infrastructure inspections and substation security. 

Buzz Solutions became a clear choice for DRIFT because of the platform’s ease and speed of integration. Buzz Solutions’ highly flexible platform integrated seamlessly with DRIFT’s pre-established workflow requirements.

Dervon McKellop, President & Chief UAS Consultant at DRIFT ENTERPRISE, said; “As an expert in the commercial drone industry, DRIFT is committed to delivering end-to-end solutions across various industries, especially in the utility sector. 

“The strategic value of combining our drone technology with Buzz Solutions’ platform lies in our combined expertise and the ability to provide our customers with a way to maximize technology Return On Investment (ROI) while ensuring the resilience of the region’s energy grid.”

Buzz CTO, COO and co-founder Vikhyat Chaudry, said; “Working with DRIFT adds immense value to our mission of optimizing utility infrastructure inspections. Buzz aligns closely with DRIFT’s need for a proven and reliable AI solution to predict and prevent power line anomalies that can cause significant disruption for utilities in the Caribbean.”

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