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Mobilicom Receives New Production-Scale Order for SkyHopper Pro Lite Data Link

Following on the success of Mobilicom's Skyhopper Pro Micro, a new production scale order has been received for the Skyhopper Pro Lite from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for loitering drones to be deployed by Israel Defense Forces By Joe Macey / 12 Jan 2024
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Mobilicom has secured an initial production-scale order for its cybersecure SkyHopper Pro Lite data links from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Mobilicom’s bi-directional software defined radio (SDR) has been integrated into IAI’s loitering drones based on a prior design win as the drones are entering commercial-scale production.

This order is expected to be followed by larger purchases orders for Mobilicom’s field-proven SkyHopper suite of products as the IAI’s loitering drones are demonstrated, tested, and evaluated by additional potential customers worldwide, including the U.S. Department of Defense.

Compact and lightweight, SkyHopper Pro Lite, which comes with Mobilicom’s ICE cybersecurity protection, provides robust long-range 5km line-of-sight communications and is also ideally suited for non-line-of-sight communications in urban environments, while combating interferences, cyber and jamming attacks and overcoming dead spots.

“Drones are becoming more important in the battlefield, thus we are seeing increasing interest in our end-to-end solutions,” said Mobilicom CEO and Founder Oren Elkayam. “We’ve been working closely with IAI and our system has been integrated with the loitering drones which are now headed into production.”

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