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Iridium Launches Academy for GMDSS Safety Instruction

Iridium’s Academy aims to provide curricula specific to GMDSS and related safety services, ensuring maritime students can work aboard SOLAS class vessels By Abi Wylie / 08 Jan 2024
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Iridium Communications Inc. has launched the Iridium® Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Academy (GMDSS Academy).

Iridium is a leading provider of global voice and data satellite communications, and the Academy aims to provide curricula specific to GMDSS and related safety services.

The GMDSS Academy is dedicated to ensuring maritime students receive the required Iridium GMDSS safety instruction for working aboard Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) class vessels. The GMDSS Academy curricula are free, designed for maritime training organizations, and can benefit any seafarer, partner or installer seeking a safer environment while at sea. 

Thousands of maritime colleges around the world can benefit from the GMDSS Academy curricula, which can be easily integrated with existing coursework.

Provided as a Public Service, Iridium GMDSS is an automated ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship service regulated by the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) SOLAS convention and provides support and life-saving help to distressed mariners at sea. 

In 2020, Iridium GMDSS became a truly global, real-time maritime emergency service. With its weather-resilient L-band spectrum, Iridium GMDSS enables users to make emergency phone calls, initiate an SOS with the distress alert (SOS button), and transmit Maritime Safety Information (MSI) such as the location of dangerous debris, navigational warnings, and other anomalies via Iridium SafetyCast®.

The GMDSS Academy curricula consist of three training packs: The Iridium Network, Iridium GMDSS, and Iridium Maritime Security Services. Each provides in-depth detail while helping students remain up to date on the latest technology and changes to SOLAS GMDSS regulations.

The Iridium GMDSS Academy training packs are available to anyone free-of-charge and can be downloaded by visiting the Iridium GMDSS Academy. Visitors will also find a number of educational videos and background information about Iridium GMDSS including Iridium GMDSS related case studies, terminal unboxing and installation tutorials, and a list of FAQ.

Iridium GMDSS Academy curricula plans to be continuously updated over time with participating organizations contacted as new materials become available.

Wouter Deknopper, Vice President and General Manager of Iridium’s Maritime Line of Business, said; “The GMDSS Academy is instrumental to improving safety at sea by providing critical GMDSS updates and communicating Iridium processes and procedures. 

“Offering thorough educational curricula gives us the opportunity to distribute life-saving information and answer common questions before mariners set out to sea. Any maritime school, association or government agency can contact us to become trained as expert instructors for their constituents.”

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