EFI Technology to Revolutionize UAV Efficiency

Innoflight’s EFI system consume a significantly lower amount of fuel compared conventional carburetor-based engines, reducing operating costs and environmental footprints By Abi Wylie / 14 Dec 2023
INF Inject EFI Technology to Revolutionize UAV Efficiency
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Innoflight International has leapt forward in fuel efficiency and reliability with the integration of its advanced Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system across its entire UAV engine and generator range. 

This establishes Innoflight as a frontrunner in the aerospace industry, delivering unparalleled performance for both commercial and DoD applications.

Innoflight’s EFI-powered engines consume a significantly lower amount of fuel compared conventional carburetor-based engines, translating to reduced operating costs, extended flight times, and a lighter environmental footprint. 

Each engine undergoes rigorous testing and calibration to ensure seamless compatibility with the EFI system. Delivered as a complete solution, customers have the flexibility to choose from optional integrations like alternators, starter-alternators, and generator systems, further tailoring their engines to specific vehicle requirements. 

The engines are fully broken in during the test running and calibration process reducing any down time to the end customer. 

Innoflight prioritizes reliability with the use of high-quality ETFE/ PTFE wiring and secure positive locking connectors, guaranteeing durability and sustained performance in challenging environments over long periods. 

The Innoflight EFI system seamlessly integrates with flight control systems via Serial TTL, PWM or S.Bus, enabling comprehensive engine and alternator control as well as real-time telemetry data collection for informed decision making.

Partnering with world leading engine manufacturers Desert Aircraft (Tucson, Az) and Saito (Japan) allows Innoflight to provide the best in class 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke engines backed by the core engine manufacturers.

As with all technology, there are positives and drawbacks:


More Precise Fuel Delivery: EFI uses sensors and a computer to precisely calculate the fuel-to-air ratio based on engine and environmental conditions (temperature, elevation, load). This results in a more efficient and complete combustion, leading to increased power and torque. Improved combustion translates to better power output, especially at higher altitudes or under heavy load. More consistent fuel delivery minimizes hesitation during acceleration and deceleration as well as a more consistent RPM range.

Easier Cold Starting: EFI automatically adjusts fuel mixture for cold starts, eliminating the need for any manual choking.

Engine Temperature Protection: INF Inject will monitor the cylinder head temperatures, if they begin to overheat outside the permitted range the EFI will start a fuel rich injection process to utilize fuel as engine coolant. Once the temperautes decrease so will the fuel rich injection until the engine performance is back in range. This can save the engine from permanent damage or in flight failure. 

Fuel Efficiency

Reduced Fuel Consumption: Precise fuel mapping minimizes over-fueling the engine, leading to improved fuel economy compared to traditional carburetors. This translates to more flight range or endurance per tank.

Lower Emissions: Optimal combustion results in cleaner exhaust with reduced emissions of harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. This complies with stricter environmental regulations.


Low Maintenance: EFI systems generally require less maintenance than carburetors, as they have no mechanical parts to wear or clog meaning longer TBO and less servicing.

Better Tolerance for Altitude & Temperature Changes: Unlike carburetors, EFI systems automatically adjust fuel mixture for changes in altitude and temperature, ensuring optimal performance under diverse conditions.

Easier of Use: No need for manual adjustments like choke knobs or mixture screws.

Drawbacks to Consider

Higher Initial Cost: EFI systems are more expensive than carburetors due to the electronic components involved, engine tuning and testing INF Inject engines go through before delivery.

More Complex Repairs: Troubleshooting and potentially repairing EFI systems may require specialized tools and knowledge.

Overall, Innoflight believes the advantages of EFI far outweigh any drawbacks. For UAV and Defence applications INF Inject EFI is far superior to traditional carbureted engines.

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