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G200 High Performance GyroGladiator Technologies was founded in 2005 and became a division of LKD Aerospace at the end of 2014. Gladiator Technologies Division is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance MEMS inertial sensors, systems and integrated GPS.

The division is now co-located with LKD Aerospace and is headquartered in Snoqualmie, WA, USA, near Seattle in Washington State. The company also employs a global technical sales network. The division has more than 300+ customers around the world and serves customers in hundreds of applications including:

  • Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Image, Platform and Antenna Stabilization
  • Flight Control and Flight Testing
  • Motorsports Racing
  • Railway Telemetry, Ride Comfort and Motion Monitoring/Wear
  • Unmanned Systems (Fixed Wing, Rotor, Ground, Surface & Subsurface)
  • Instrumentation & Robotics
  • Automotive Testing & Agriculture Vehicles
  • Marine Compasses

Nearly all of our standard products are export categorized as US Department of Commerce ECCN7A994 (NLR). Since 2008 our QMS has been and is now certified to AS9100C with design and ISO9001:2008.

Gladiator Technologies Division’s hallmark is our comprehensive line of high performance and robust inertial sensors and systems with industry leading low ARW noise, superior bias and scale factor performance over the full operating temperature range, low axis alignment and g-sensitivity . Our systems are feature rich and include high speed RS422/RS485 and CANBUS outputs along with available Software Development Kits (SDK) and C-Code Library to optimize and ease user system integration.

The company utilizes state-of-the art design tools. Our electronics design suite is OrCAD with PSPICE, Solid Works and Solid Works Simulation (Finite Element Analysis – FEA) for our mechanical components and ANSYS FEA for MEMS sensing elements. Our engineering team has been credited with more than 66 patents in a broad array of inertial and MEMS sensor technologies and related systems throughout their inertial sensor and system design careers. The highly experienced management team has a combined more than 100 years of design, manufacturing and executive experience in:

Landmark Inertial & GPS-Aided Systems

The LandMark family of digital inertial systems is our next generation of advanced sensors, incorporating our newest and highest performance gyros and accelerometers. Featuring lower noise, better bias and improved environmental sealing and connectors, LandMark products are available as Inertial Measurement Units, Vertical Gyros, Attitude & Heading Reference Systems, GPS-Aided Vertical Gyros, GPS-Aided Attitude & Heading Reference Systems and GPS-aided Inertial Navigation Systems.

The Motion Reference Monitoring (MRM) series is the analog version of the LandMark IMU family.

LandMark Inertial & GPS-Aided Systems

LandMark 50 / MRM 50

The LandMark 50 series is Gladiator Technologies’ highest-performance family of sensors, featuring an in-run bias of 1 o/hour and our lowest ARW and Acceleration noise levels of 0.0009 o/sec/√Hz and 0.02 mg/√Hz respectively.

Landmark 50 – Digital

MRM 50 – Analog

Landmark 50 AHRS

LandMark™01 IMU

The LandMark™01 IMU is a high-performance, low noise, and highly compact IMU with a form factor of only 1 square inch and an In-run bias is 5°/hour. Its ARW and Acceleration noise levels are 0.003°/sec/√Hz and 0.09 mg/√Hz respectively.

See more: LandMark™01 IMU

LandMark01 IMU

DIGS™100 – Downhole Inertial Guidance Tool

The DIGS™100 is our high-performance, low noise, and highly compact sensor designed for downhole drilling and monitoring applications. Its In-run bias is 5°/hour with ARW and Acceleration noise levels are 0.003°/sec/√Hz and 0.09 mg/√Hz respectively.

See more: DIGS™100

DIGS100 – Downhole Inertial Guidance Tool

LandMark 40 / MRM 40

The LandMark 40 family is a high-performance, very low noise family of sensors. In-run bias is 6 o /hour and ARW and Acceleration noise levels are 0.002 o/sec/√Hz and 0.035 mg/√Hz respectively.

Landmark 40 – Digital

MRM 40 – Analog

LandMark 40 GPS-Aided Attitude & Heading Reference System

LandMark 30 / MRM 30

The LandMark 30 family is a high-performance series of sensors with low noise (0.0035 o/sec/√Hz ARW noise and 0.04 mg/√Hz acceleration noise) and an excellent in-run bias of 8 o/hour.

Landmark 30 – Digital

MRM 30 – Analog

Landmark 30 Vertical Gyro

LandMark 21

The LandMark 21 is a mid-performance digital system that is our smallest and lightest product yet, weighing in at 28 grams for the IMU and VG and 58 grams for the AHRS, in a 1-inch cubic package.

In-run bias is 8 o/hour and ARW and Acceleration noise levels are 0.004 o/sec/√Hz and 0.25 mg/√Hz respectively.

Landmark 21 – Digital

LMRK21 Inertial Measurement Unit

LandMark 20 / MRM 20

The LandMark 20 series is our mid-performance family of sensors, with low noise levels of 0.01 o/sec/√Hz ARW noise and 0.05 mg/√Hz acceleration noise. In-run bias is 15 o/hour.

Landmark 20 – Digital

MRM 20 – Analog

LMRK20 Inertial Measurement Unit

LandMark 10 / MRM 10

The LandMark 10 family is our economy series of sensors, ideal for low budget applications that are still required to operate in challenging environments. It features low ARW and Acceleration noise levels of 0.011 o/sec/√Hz and 0.02 mg/√Hz respectively, and an in-run bias of 1 o/hour.

Landmark 10 – Digital

MRM 10 – Analog

Landmark 10 AHRS

Analog Gyros & Accelerometers

Our newest high performance families of analog gyros and accelerometers feature ultra-low noise and excellent bias. Their light weight and extremely low power consumption make them ideal for inclusion in unmanned vehicle systems.

Sensors Snapshot

G200D Triaxial Digital MEMS Gyro

The G200D Triaxial Digital gyro was designed to accommodate commercial grade stabilization requirements. The G200D has a bandwidth of 200 Hz, short-term bias of 4°/hour and ultra-low noise levels at 0.002°/sec/√Hz. The performance of the G200D compares closely with its dual axis analog counterpart, the G200.

G200D Triaxial Digital MEMS Gyro

G200D Triaxial Digital MEMS Gyro

G200 Dual Axis Gyro

The G200 is a dual-axis MEMS gyro that is designed for commercial stabilization and aircraft applications. With a bandwidth of 200 Hz, a short-term bias of 4 o/hour and an ultra-low noise level of 0.002 o/sec/√Hz, the performance of the G200 compares with that of other more expensive miniature gyros.

G200 Dual Axis Gyro

G200 Dual Axis Gyro

G150Z Single Axis Gyro

The G150Z is a high-performance single axis gyro with short-term bias of 4 o/hour, an ultra-low noise level of 0.002 o/sec/√Hz and a bandwidth of 200 Hz.

G150Z Single Axis Gyro

G150Z Single Axis Gyro

G100Z Single Axis Gyro

The G100Z single-axis gyro features ultra-lownoise levels of 0.003 o/sec/√Hz and an industry-leading bias of 0.002 o/sec . The G100Z is available with either 140 Hz or 500 Hz bandwidth.

G100Z Single Axis Gyro

G100Z Single Axis Gyro

G50Z Single Axis Gyro

The G50Z is our standard performance gyro, with bandwidth of 140 Hz, a low noise level of 0.005 o/sec/√Hz and short-term bias of 0.002 o/sec.

G50Z Single Axis Gyro

G50Z Single Axis Gyro

A40 Single-Axis Accelerometer

The A40 is a mid-performance lightweight and low-power single-axis accelerometer. Designed for marine, aircraft and train applications, it is available in g-range options of 6g, 10g and 15g. The A40 features low noise and excellent bias, with values of 0.065 mg/√Hz and 0.7mg respectively for the 6g range sensor.

A40 Single-Axis Accelerometer

A40 Single-Axis Accelerometer

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