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Skydio Looks at Future of the Drone Industry

Skydio's CEO and co-founder Adam Bry provides an in-depth look at the drone industry, what the future holds, the importance of security, and drone technology in Ukraine Feature Article by Skydio
Skydio’s Vision for American Drone Leadership
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In Skydio’s article, entitled “American leadership for the next century of aviation”, the company’s CEO and co-founder Adam Bry discusses how the company is embracing challenges and what’s next for the drone industry. Asserting that the best way to predict the future is to invent it, the full article outlines how Skydio is working tirelessly to invent and build the future of flying robots in America.

For the last century, America’s leadership in aviation has been central to its economic prosperity and national security. 

The next chapter of aviation is unfolding now and will be electric and largely uncrewed. The U.S. is said to have lagged behind other countries when it comes to drones. However, the technology shift towards AI and autonomy is seen as a huge opportunity for the U.S. to stage a comeback. 

AI and autonomy are expected to become the defining characteristics of drones, expanding their usage from 1:1 tools where one pilot controls a single drone, to 1:many teammates where one operator controls many autonomous drones at a massive scale, giving superpowers to their human operators. 

Skydio believes the only stable, long-term solution is to have superior products and technology made by U.S. companies or trusted allies. The company has built leading AI and autonomy while furiously working to catch-up on all of the different aspects of hardware it takes to have a great enterprise-grade drone from the camera sensors to the wireless system.

The article also explores:

  • A recent visit to Ukraine and the drone technology being deployed
  • Manufacturing products at scale
  • Security in the drone industry

Adam Bry concludes that a new breed of drones made by companies like Freefly Systems, Wingtra, Brinc, Zipline, and more, are proving that US and allied companies can and are competing and winning on the global stage.

Read the full article, or find out more on Skydio’s website. 

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