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Multibeam Echosounder Integrated onto SB 100 PRO USV

SEABOTS’ multipurpose USV SB 100 PRO equipped with a WASSP S3r multibeam echosounder aims to enhance the efficiency and ease of necessary port activities Feature Article by SEABOTS
Multibeam Echosounder Integrated onto SB 100 PRO USV
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SEABOTS’ focus centers on developing technologies for preserving and exploring the marine environment, for instance smart buoys and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs). Read more >>

These maritime robotics can more efficiently and safely complete activities that are usually carried out by traditional methods, which often have a high ecological impact, expensive operating costs, and can hold risk for humans.

USVs are becoming widespread in several areas in the naval sector. In this case study, SEABOTS presents a need that is shared by many ports: Mooring inspection in harbors and marinas.

The company believes its SB 100 PRO USV to be the most versatile platform on the market for sheltered waters activities. Both the operating cost and its environmental footprint are low, allowing it to expand the range of possibilities in the field of data acquisition.

Depending on the payloads, this USV can be used in the fields of hydrology, water analysis, research, Search & Rescue (SAR), mooring inspection and other tasks. Likewise, its use allows access to areas where navigation may be restricted, difficult or dangerous.

In the full case study, SEABOTS outlines the integrations of the WASSP S3R Solution and the details of the company’s research:

  • The Opportunity
  • Payloads
  • Operation Examples
  • Data Acquisition Examples
  • Conclusions

The combination of the SB 100 PRO and the WASSP S3r multibeam echosounder aims to be able to carry out control and monitoring of dock constructions, multibeam bathymetry, draught control, dredging, volume calculation, inspection of structures and location of submerged artefacts.

Read the full case study, or visit the SEABOTS website for more information.

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