RF-Cyber based Counter-UAS Solutions for Drone Threat Detection & Mitigation

Discussing Cyber Takedown for C-UAS

D-Fend Solutions has released a whitepaper discussing C-UAS cyber takedown technology and asks the question, does it really work and what are the limitations? Feature Article by D-Fend Solutions
Discussing Cyber Takedown for C-UAS
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Is cyber takedown the next generation of more effective counter-UAS technology?

Leading C-UAS (counter unmanned aerial systems) developer D-Fend Solutions puts this new type of mitigation system to the test in the whitepaper: Cyber takedown – the next generation of more effective counter-UAS technology

The potential of using cyber-takeover methods rather than current and legacy counter-UAS technology is immense. Cyber-takeover methods can provide:

  • Continuity of service as the incident is being managed (including authorized drone operations)
  • Proportionality of response
  • Considerable flexibility in defining the defensive envelope
  • Precise analysis of incidents, which can be used for forensic reporting

The technology can be configured for both mobile and static applications and works in urban, built-up environments, plus it can be constantly updated to take account of new threat types.

Download the whitepaper in full from the D-Fend Solutions website >>

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