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Additive Manufacturing in the UAV Industry

ISS Aerospace has released an article outlining the benefits of additive manufacturing in the unmanned industry, discussing specific technologies and their potential in the sector’s future Feature Article by ISS Aerospace
Additive Manufacturing in the UAV Industry
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ISS Aerospace uses additive manufacturing as a vital resource. It provides in-house, cost-effective solutions for rapid prototyping, and produces strong, lightweight parts, ensuring low lead time production. Read more >>

Fast innovation is crucial, particularly in a dynamic sector like aerospace, and ISS aerospace asserts that additive manufacturing gives them a significant advantage, particularly when risks associated with outsourced manufacturing are common, like supply chain disruptions and increased costs.

In the full article, the company goes on to outline:

  • Why does ISS Aerospace use Additive Manufacturing?
  • Rapid Iterations, Reliable Components
  • Why did ISS Aerospace choose Markforged printers?
  • What does the future hold for ISS Aerospace?

ISS Aerospace CEO Ryan Kemply said; “In the fast changing, ever challenging world we operate in, agility, short lead times, and unique solutions to real-world problems are key to winning. The Markforged machines have certainly helped us do this.”

Read the full article, or visit the ISS Aerospace website to find out more.

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