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George UAV Autopilot Lightweight miniature drone autopilot
George UAV Autopilot

Lightweight miniature drone autopilot

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George UAV Autopilot

George is a versatile UAS autopilot based around the proven open-source CubePilot platform. Engineered specifically to minimize impact on SWaP budgets, the system is optimized for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) fixed-wing aircraft.

Designed to comply with the Pixhawk standards for autopilot hardware and software, George allows developers to prototype and launch drone platforms based around open source flight control solutions such as PX4 or Ardupilot. The safety and sensor processing system is engineered to DO-178C DAL-C, while the DO-254 DAL-C hardware platform is engineered to DO-160G and MIL-STD-810H environmental standards.

George is plug-and-play compatible with all our certified solutions, providing a robust drone hardware ecosystem.

George G2
2x CAN-bus
9x Servo/ESC Outputs
2x RS-232 Serial IO
Dual Band ADS-B Receiver
George G3
1x CAN-bus
12x Servo/ESC Outputs
2.5x RS-232 Serial IO
External C2 & ADS-B Options