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C Band UAV Data Link Tactical LOS communication and control for UAVs
C Band UAV Data Link

Tactical LOS communication and control for UAVs

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C Band UAV Data Link

C Band UAV Data Link is a compact and high data rate digital datalink for UAV Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions. For downlink, video and telemetry data can be multiplexed inside the airborne module and demultiplexed by the ground module to be displayed on the user interface of the operator.

Compact size and high efficiency make C Band UAV Data Link perfect choice for Tactical, MALE and HALE UAVs. System has fully transparent 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and RS 232/422/485 data interfaces. Data security is satisfied via AES 256 encryption algorithm. H.264 Video encoder is also available as an option. Reed Solomon (RS), Convolutional and LDPC error correction encoding and decoding capability highly improves receiver sensitivity.

C Band UAV Data .link can be operated full-duplex in lower and upper C Band up to 10 Mbps data rate. Higher data rates can also be offered optionally for specific applications. Modulation type can be selected in between CPFSK, MSK and PSK.

Dimensions (cm) 12.11 x 7.6 x 8
Weight (g) 806
Power Consumption (w) < 80 W (10 W Output)
Data Interfaces Ethernet, RS 422/485, RS 232
Operating Voltage 28 V (24 - 32 V)
Operating Temperature '-40 C to +85 C
Environmental Condition MIL-STD-810G
Frequency Range Lower and Upper C Band
Connectors SMA
Max RF Output Power 5W / 10W
Data Rate Up to 10 Mbps
Modulation Mode CPFSK / PSK
Sensitivity -93 dB (10 Mbps)
Data Encryption AES 256
FEC Reed Solomon (RS) and Convolutional, LDPC